Pacman3D is an adaptation of the original Pacman idea, from a 3D isometric perspective.

The object of the game is to collect all the yellow orbs in order to finish each level. If you get eaten by another pac, you die. But if you collect a grey orb, they turn into ghosts, you can eat them, and they die. For each yellow orb collected you receive 10 points, each grey orb 50 points. For the first ghost eaten you receive 500 points, then 1000, 1500 etc for each after that until ghost mode runs out, and the amount resets to 0.

Tip - if you collect another grey orb before ghost mode runs out, the amount will continue incrementing without resetting.

Version: 1.3
Res: 320x200x8 (or windowed)

Windows Download

Linux (PC) Download

Mac OSX (PPC) Download

Source Code

Windows/Linux: ZIP | TGZ   (40K)
Mac OSX: OSX (24K)

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